Instagram is an exciting platform.

You can literally connect with 100’s of million’s of people from all over the world anywhere, anytime. The opportunity to build an engaged, loyal community of genuine followers has never been more obvious than now.

At the same time, however, Instagram can be a platform that can seem daunting, overwhelming and frightening. You experience something very real when you share your content with your world; whether it be through your creative expression, ideas or writing, putting your heart and live online can be a difficult journey to travel on.

This is where my 1-1 Instagram Coaching comes in. I’m here to walk you step by step through the in’s and out’s of the world of Instagram, to assist you in developing not only an account that consistently engages with your audience, but also coach you personally on developing a mindset that can sustain creating content on a regular basis for that community.


Introduction to the Curriculum

I have created a specialist Instagram Coaching Curriculum featuring the knowledge, experience and wisdom I’ve learnt through trial and error over the past four years and bundled them up in a neat little, actionable package, complete with everyday language, leaving out the over-arching broad and often intimidating vocabulary.

I love learning in threes; the number three just works for me. As I wrote these keys down, they began to congregate in their neat little groups of three – representing the three stages of growing an Instagram account. I have included a selection of priceless keys in each, creating a step by step checklist for accounts at absolutely any stage.

The ‘Create Build Grow’ curriculum has been very recently formatted as an Online Course, to give the tips, knowledge and structure of my Instagram Coaching to a wider audience. For those who are wanting to work directly with myself, the 1-1 Coaching option ensures you get customised and relevant advice, tips and feedback for your account to specifically suit your audience’s needs, as well as your own.


This Coaching Curriculum represents my two main passions; Teaching and Instagram. 


Coming from a background in Teaching, and now being able to connect to millions every week through Instagram, this coaching is truly where passions meet to create something I know you will benefit from and equip you with the tools, strategies and techniques to Create, Build and Grow your community through Instagram.

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If you’d like more information about the details and pricing of the coaching, please fill out the form below and I’ll send you a PDF with everything you need!