The blessing is on it’s way…

We’re on the journey to our impossible dreams….step by step we continue on the path we feel has our name on it.

As we walk along this journey, we will experience uphill challenges and downhill rewards.

These moments show a sense of momentum and traction requires for progress. 

But what happens when we filter the extremes out of our journey and focus on the remaining majority which is often reasonably level and can be uneventful, even somewhat mundane.

What do we do when our dreams seem like they’re taking forever?


Two words…Patience and Belief



Patience isn’t simply passively walking around waiting for opportunities and the right moment. Patience is about actively pursuing the moment and trusting in the outcome and result.

Let’s not try and rush the journey (even those mundane parts that seem like they’re taking forever!) There are things we need to pick up and learn along the way to the more glorified and exciting highs and lows ahead. 

Yesterday I wrote about making the most of every moment…patience is exactly that. Doing everything you can within the NOW moment you’ve been given and trust in the outcome and result of what’s NEXT.



When the path ahead isn’t clear or the storms of life restrict your vision ahead, it’s important to know what to hold on to to maintain your balance and sense of direction on your impossible journey.

Belief in your impossible dream says even when I can’t see the destination, or even the exact steps ahead, I have faith and trust that this is my path.

This is important when you can see where you are going, but is even more important when you are approaching a challenge or when the road ahead becomes slippery or uneven.

It’s easy to fall into fear and doubt and allow our belief to slide. Stabilise your feet with belief…belief in your path and your God-given passion and purpose.

Sometimes you’ve got to walk towards your blessings to claim them. Other times, be still. Have patience and belief and be prepared to receive them.

When the thoughts of doubt and fear come into your life, have patience and belief in your path and your journey ahead. There will be times where you’re not making the progress you expected, but know your blessings are on their way! 


Pete @peterjbone | @achievetheimpossible

Peter Bone

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