Welcome to Part THREE, the lucky last of this three part series!

Now’s where we get into the serious stuff of our Night Routine! We’ve covered our topics like our personal mindset in Part ONE and the Five Keys to a Successful Night Routine in Part TWO (if by some crazy chance you haven’t read them, maybe quickly go back and check them out now. Don’t worry, Part THREE will still be here waiting!)


Night Time Journal Writing


3 Things you’re Grateful for…

Now, snuggle up in bed, get a journal and pencil and take a few deep breaths. As you inhale and exhale, think about 3 things you’re grateful for from today. It could be a person, an event, a thing or a feeling. Write these down.


3 Things you’re Proud of…

Next, take three more deep breaths and think of 3 things you’re proud of from today. At this stage, I prefer to focus on how I did the things I did, not on what I did. Encourage yourself to feel deeper and look at the underlying factors that made up that action.

For example, if you finally signed up that new account you’d been targeting at work for months, you would be proud of your ‘strong people skills to build approachable relationships and my sense of perseverance’.

Focus on how you did what you did.


3 Things you’ve Achieved today…

Your last 3 deep breaths are going to be focused on things you achieved in your day. This is where what you did comes into play. This is where ‘I finally signed up that account today!’ would fit in. They don’t even have to be major, ground-breaking life events. If you chose the stairs over the escalator, the salad over the pizza, or the water over the wine, these are all things you have achieved and are worthy of a mention!

Remember, through this journalling process, we are focusing on identifying snd recognising positive habits that we want to reinforce. These actions will be often be linked to your current major goal or focus in your life. For example, if you are preparing for your exams next week, your achievements and what you’re proud of would very likely be related to studying, healthy eating and time management.

Take a moment to read through what you’ve written in the past few moments. Smile knowing that you’ve given the day a fair shot and can now focus on the day that lays ahead tomorrow.


3 Goals for Tomorrow…

Your last step in the journalling for tonight is to write down 3 things you want to achieve tomorrow; this is even more effective, because you’ve just praised yourself for the achievements you’ve made today! Your mind is loving life and you’re on a roll!

Again, these 3 goals for tomorrow don’t necessary need to be all life-changing. Write 3 things that will get you closer to your goals. They could be relating to family, career, friends, eating, fitness, etc

Anything that is a priority in your life will be represented here.

Well done! You’ve finished your writing for the night. Close your journal, place it beside your bed.

Take a deep breath and be proud of completing your night routine!


Read a Book

If you’ve still got energy and are awake after this stage, get your favourite book out and read that until your eyes close shut. Treat yourself with a great read!


And that’s a wrap! Implement these tips and start giving yourself the night time’s you deserve – if this sounds simple and straightforward to you, you’re crazy or just a ridiculously high-functioning member of society. If, like me, you can’t hold down any routine, it will take some intentional and consistent effort on your part.


Some nights you will need to say no to watching re-runs of ‘The Office’ and yes to your night time routine!


The good news is there is still the morning to go! No prizes for guessing what the next blog post is about…your Morning Routine!

(I said no prizes so don’t bother asking. Seriously though.)

Talk soon!

Pete @peterjbone

Peter Bone

One thought on “NIGHT ROUTINE – Part THREE

  1. Love the journal ideas – sets of 3 simple reflective things.

    You should make this journal (or part of your app but that would be breaking rule 1).

    Rach 🙂


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