Part THREE seems to be where the rubber hits the road! This little post is anything but little…there’s a heck of a lots of applicable content in here, so get your notepad and a pencil and start taking notes. Strap yourselves in…lets go!


Music ON – Morning Playlist!

Reach over. Unplug your phone from the charger. Open your music app. Select your ‘Morning Master’ Playlist (you’ll need to make one up first. Shouldn’t need to explain too much more for ya!) Put your headphones on. Or just blast it through your home system until your neighbours complain.

You’ve now done one of my personal favourite steps in this entire morning process. The right music inspires, motivates and pumps me up; find your ideal tunes. Could be music, a speech, a mixture, it could even be a recording of you singing in the shower. Whatever gets you going, create a playlist so you don’t have to go searching too long in the morning when your brain is warming up!

Now your music is pumping, the first physical thing you’re going to do to kick start your day is something your parents told you growing up, and now you are all grown up, is actually, funnily enough, even more powerful. Three words…


Make your Bed

Make your bed. Three of the simplest words that I’m sure most of us have heard all throughout our lives. There is a crazy phenomena that making your bed in the morning has on your mind, both in the moment you’re doing it and also at night, when you retreat back to your sanctuary after a productive and successful day. Even if you have had a day from the pits of hell, at least you’re retreating back to a nicely made bed. At least you achieved something today!


Glass of Water

You know that glass of water I kindly made you prepare last night and put beside your bed for the morning? Yeah, now’s the time to down that. Heck, you’ve just made your bed! You deserve it! Drinking a full glass of water in the morning begins to flush the toxins and chemicals built up in your system overnight. Lubricate your insides and get your organs pumping with water!



Now’s a great time to have a quick stretch. Everyone has their own idea of effective stretching and their favourite stretchy person they learn from; use them! I’ve found even a stretch of a few minutes to be beneficial for my body (this is something that has a surprisingly huge impact on your body!) I didn’t actually realise it until just recently. I credit it to being surrounded by stretchy friends!

Jump on YouTube or Instagram and find someone you can watch and act as your guide through the wonderful world of stretching exercises.


Repetitive Physical Movement

Let’s back those stretches up and put them to good use. Here is a tip I discovered from Tim Ferriss; he seems to be one of the great ‘Morning Masters’. He talks about doing a repetitive physical exercise. Strangely enough, the purpose of this has nothing to do with physical health. This is a more of a mental exercise that just happens to be physical.

Choose an exercise for yourself and then a number that you’re going to complete.

For example, I would choose push-ups, then select a number for me that’s challenging but achievable, like 2 or maybe even 3. Joking! But kinda not really.

I would aim to do 20 push-ups as a challenge for me.

“Where does the mental side fit in to this Pete?!” I hear you asking. Well, let me tell you. When we have done our selected exercise and repetitions of that, we have achieved a challenging goal. We have proved to ourselves that we have points already on today’s scoreboard and are building momentum.

We are setting ourselves up for an early win, and getting a head start on the day ahead.

Give it a go for yourself. Remember, make it challenging, but achievable.


Shower – Warm & Cold

After your mega stretching and exercise session, you’re going to want to jump in the shower.

Guess what?! It’s your lucky day because a trip to the bathroom just happens to be up next on to-do list for our ‘Morning Master’ training.

Im pretty sure I wont have to go into too much detail about showering…I have a feeling you’ve got the hang of this one already.

If you’re not already feeling awake and energised, this is our last resort. And oh boy, does it work! In the morning, I start my shower off with lovely relaxing warm water. Use this warm water while you’re washing and then rinse those suds off. Why? Because suds about to get real. For the next 30 seconds, we’re…(when I say ‘we’re, I mean strictly in the writing sense, not together in the shower sense. Just thought I’d clarify that.) Right where were we…for the next 30seconds, we’re going to reach on over to the shower tap and turn it from a soothing, warm, comforting tropical waterfall to a freezing, shocking cold almost ice shower!

This will feel ludacris, and yeah, it definitely seems it, but my oh my, does it wake you up!

Not only does it wake you up, but it also actually has plenty of added benefits..

–   Improves circulation

  • Relieves depression
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Increases testosterone
  • Increases fertility
  • Increases energy and well-being

Give it a go, just for 30seconds at first, and then reward yourself with a soothing warm shower to finish off if you need it. You’ll feel relieved and refreshed, ready to face the day!

By now, you’ll be noticing a recurring theme of multi-tasking throughout these keys. Having as shower in the morning isn’t exactly ground-breaking content and knowledge…it’s being intentional about what we do in those 5-8mins…okay 20mins if you’ve found your vocal chords and have miraculously transformed into Beyonce. It’s what we are choosing to do within those minutes that separates us from the rests and can ensure we are operating at our true capacity in the mornings.


Brushing your Teeth – Secret Ingredient

Now onto one of the potentially most routine things we can do in the mornings; brushing our teeth.

For seemingly one of the most routine and basic tasks of our day, it is actually pretty special for one major reason. for the 1 or 2 minutes you are brushing your teeth, what are you looking at?

The chances are you’re in front in the mirror, entranced by the circular motions of the brush on your teeth (obviously we do exactly what our dentist at school taught us!)

This is one of the only chances we have in front of the mirror for a prolonged period of time, lets make the most of this conversation with ourselves.

This is where I want you to focus on three words. The three words that can have the biggest influence on the day ahead…bonus points if you’ve already guessed what I’m about to say right now…affirmations!

Look yourself in the eyes and repeat your three affirmations…

I AM…intentional

I AM…confident

I AM…energetic

Treasure these three words and ingrain them in your mind; they have the power to shape your day before you’ve technically even started it!


Phone Time!

You’ve now done everything I recommend to get your mental and physical state in a place where you are ready to face the day ahead. Anything that happens from here on in should be flowing in with the current and momentum you’ve already created.

This is why I’ve intentionally left this section until the very end.

This is where we enter the stage where we open our lives up to the outside world for the first time in our day. Then have that one device in our pockets, on our desk and in our hands for the entire day.

Because we now have that momentum and have already got the day off on the right foot, we are prepared for that email from the boss we’ve been dreading, the text from a mate needing a hand to move that new couch he just bought, or the colleague who needs you to cover their shift for the afternoon, then of course, something I think we can all relate to, diving into Instagram.

By leaving your phone as your last step, we ensure we are being proactive to it’s messages and content, rather than being reactive. You see, we are the ones in charge when we are being proactive. When we’re resorting back to reactive thinking and behaviour, it’s not us in control, its our circumstances.

Choose to be proactive and be in control of your day!



Now we’ve kick started our day off the best way possible!

Obviously, this is your life. You have total and complete control over the decisions you choose to make. We’re not robots. We aren’t always going to waking up with the streams of magical unicorn sunlight on our faces every morning.

There will be mornings where we feel like we’ve woken up in concrete. This is where we are forced to make a split second decision; sit up and get that pencil in your hand, or close those sleepy eyes and roll the dice to see when they open again, thrust into the swing of the day ahead.

The good news is this morning routine gets easier and easier the more consistent you are with it.

Your mind and body will (eventually, anyway) love you for it, and will appreciate the time it’s got in control of it’s actions.

Your mornings are yours for the taking. Make the very most of them. Your impossible dreams need you to be operating at your best…and the greatest way to ensure an effective day? By mastering your IMPOSSIBLE Morning Routine!


Let me know in the comments below what you find useful for your morning routine!


Talk soon,

Pete @peterjbone

Peter Bone

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