The Secrets to becoming a Morning Master!


“Never begin your day until it is finished on paper” – JIM ROHN

Morning Routine. Two words that will do one of two things when you hear them; perk you up with pride, knowing you are an absolute ace in the morning, or…like the 99.9% of us, you think, oh gosh, not again! The thing with reading about morning routines is that it seems so simple on paper. Trust me, I’m preaching to myself here!

It’s one thing to read about it, and an entirely different kettle of fish (is that even a saying?!) when you’re faced with a deafening blast of your alarm at the most unGodly hour known to man, when your life’s current crisis is opening your eyes enough to clear out the sleep thats built up in them the past 8hrs.


Oh, you don’t sleep the full 8 hrs every single night?! Again, join the 99.9% of us. 


Apart from a quite refreshing rant in the general direction of morning routines and people getting up early, I’m writing this because lately I’ve been hearing what techniques and strategies people are finding useful to get on top of their own morning routines. I was intrigued. And will continue to be intrigued until I, too, can join the ranks of Morning Master!

Its not the sexiest of terms to be known as, but I truly do believe in the power of getting your day off on the right foot, and I’m pretty sure we’d all agree what you do OR don’t do in your morning does influence a huge part of your day.


So here are a few secrets to becoming a morning master…from someone who is definitely NOT a morning master.


I did have a good relationship with my snooze button, we saw each often 2-4 times a morning, then our relationship turned sour. I think it was because I started ignoring it.

It’s me, not you, snooze button.

I’m learning with you and sharing as I go. I’m certainly not there, but I figure it’s useful to jump on this journey together, side by side as we aim for the hallowed title of a ‘Morning Master’!


In my exploring of how the other half live (obviously, the ‘Morning Masters’), I have secured a selection of their finest tips and most well-guarded secrets.


Please find them in the next blog post creatively called ‘MORNING ROUTINE – Part TWO’, presented in a way that us ‘morning rookies’ can understand. Have a read through them and start implementing them in your morning routine.

You can either dive head first and start your crash course in ‘Morning Mastery’ by doing every single secret on the list from day one onwards (I’m talking to you over-achievers out there), or you can choose to take your time and incorporate maybe one or two things each morning to gather momentum and settle in for the scenic route towards Mastering your Morning.


Either way, get cracking on Part TWO and see the secrets, tips and techniques I have smuggled from the ‘Morning Masters’ gated community.


Pete @peterjbone

Peter Bone

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