Keys to a Successful Morning Routine

Same dealio as before people – if you haven’t read Part ONE yet, get yourself over there and get some insanely good content (I think I’m allowed to say that about my own stuff), then pop on back over to Part TWO – promise it’ll be here when you come back!



A journal is a Morning Master’s best friend (they sometimes struggle to have real human friends…I’m only joking! Chill y’all.) Within this journal, as you would’ve already read through in Part One of ‘Mastering your Morning – Night Edition’, the Master’s write down in their journal the night before. The things they’re grateful for, what they are proud of and the things they have achieved in that day are all lovingly handwritten in this book of life.

The cool thing is that the journal isn’t just effective in reflecting on your day; it’s just as effective in planning your day ahead! Here are a selection of the things these ‘Morning Masters’ seem to swear by…


Write down 3 Affirmations… ‘I AM’

Affirmations; they seem to be all the rage these days. Admittedly, I am very late to board the ‘Affirmation Express’, and have just only recently started speaking them into my own life. As I do mention, I am very new to this, so be easy on me if I’m not all knowing and knowledgeable with this stuff. But here’s what I’ve gathered.

Affirmations are essentially positive self-talk.Using the phrase ‘I AM…’ followed by a characteristic or trait you’d like to develop is in essence the long story short.


Sounds to simple to be true…right?!


I thought so too. Until I actually started writing them down and reinforced those words by speaking them throughout my day. Three affirmations per day seems to be an effective amount. Focusing on  three allows you to intentionally focus on developing those without having to remember a full novel-length manuscript of them.


They are areas in your life you are currently wanting to develop. As soon as you transform the ‘I want to be’s’ in your life to ‘I AM’s’, your mindset around the trait really does start to change. 


I AM productive. I wrote this down this morning as my affirmation as I have found myself struggling to focus on a task through to completion of late. I thought I was being ‘busy’, but in reality that’s all I was actually doing. Being ‘busy’ checking Instagram, ‘busy’ answering emails, ‘busy’ checking Instagram again (always seem to be doing that!), ‘busy’ planning and ‘busy’ strategising. I was doing lots, but wasn’t truly being productive.

It must be working, because in the past couple of hours (with the help of a couple too many small double 3/4 long blacks) I’ve written over 3,000 words (the ones you’re reading right now!) These very articles are something I’d been planning to write for ages, but now I’m in my state of intentionally being ‘productive’, I can see a completely different change in how I’m approaching them.

Choose three characteristics you’re developing in life, and transform those ‘I want to be’s’ into ‘I AM…’ affirmations.


Write them down first thing in your morning, and shape your day around those. 

I AM… Productive

I AM… Enthusiastic

I AM… Intentional 

I AM… Confident

I AM… Magnetic

I AM… a Morning Master!


These affirmations don’t stop when you write them down…speak these into your life throughout your day, and when you find you’re straying off track, speak yourself back on it! If you’ve got a memory like a goldfish, take a photo of your day’s affirmations or if you’re brave, post them to your Instagram Story.


You have them live for 24hrs, and if you’re lucky, you may even get the odd reminders from friends and colleagues you see throughout the day (this could work well, or maybe not; you probably don’t want Bruce from Accounting pulling you up on your healthy affirmation whilst stuffing a donut in your face) Like I said, you choose how brave you are!


Write down 3 Things you’re Grateful for…

Now we’re a few minutes in to your morning, and we are on track to achieving the status of becoming a ‘Morning Master’!

“Gratitude is a powerful process for shifting your energy and bringing more of what you want in your life. Be grateful for what you already have, and you will attract more good things.” – Rhonda Byrne

Gratitude is said to be one of our most influential feeling and emotions.

Displaying a sense of gratitude for the things you have now can unlock the future blessings stored up for you.


Write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

A useful technique to help you start is to look around you. The roof over your head, your washing machine, your table, your computer, your son, your husband. You can definitely show gratitude for things that are intangible i.e. your job, your health, your passions, etc etc, but I prefer to list things that i can see, touch and connect with on a physical level.

I’m no expert in this, but for me, writing down things that are tangible makes it 100% more real. Just personal preference though. You find what works for you.

Right! We’ve got our affirmations and things we’re grateful for down in our journal, now lets wrap it up before we jump out of bed and get this day started!


Review your 3 Goals for Today…

Let’s smash this last step! I’ve chosen it to be featured as I feel it’s like a bit of a springboard propelling you into the incredible day that lays ahead of you.

This last step is a nice one, because you actually don’t have to create any content for it! You wrote it down last night. Yay for night time routines! It would suck for you if you forgot to do it last night, now you’ve got to complete this step! The rest of the class who completed their night time routine checklist is reviewing and pumping themselves up for their three main goals for the day!

Close your journal. It’s time to throw off your bed covers and get going! We’ve got your mindset  and belief system pumping for the day, now it’s a matter of getting your body into action!

Are you ready for the day ahead?! (Just please answer ‘YES’…makes it so much easier for the Part THREE of our Morning Routine. Good job!)

MORNING ROUTINE – Part THREE – Right here!


Pete @peterjbone

Peter Bone

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