If you’ve just made your way here from Part ONE, well done…you’ve found Part TWO! If you’ve stumbled upon this, you’re more than welcome to stay around and have a read of these five keys, but I’d definitely recommend checking out ‘Night Routine – Part ONE’ first…but hey, your call!

Five Keys to a Successful Night Time Routine: 


Phone away

As you can imagine, my phone is a huge distraction for me. There is always something new and fresh happening on Instagram, likes, comments and messages, as well as actually creating my own content and consuming others! This is at the top of this list for a reason.

The more you can limit your phone in the last 30mins before you go to bed the better. If you can eliminate it completely, give yourself a medal…it’s actually a huge achievement!

I understand there are times you need to check it i.e. family, kids, etc…but I don’t think playing FIFA 17 quite makes the cut!

If you have to have your phone on, turn the screen brightness to night mode (some people recommend night mode to be switched on anywhere from 6pm). Research shows it is much more beneficial for your eyes in the evening and night when on night mode, so I guess we better give it a go!

Another tip is, if possible, charge your phone away from your bed overnight. This helps resist the urge to check it in bed and also makes you physically get up when it goes off in the morning!


Shower and teeth

Probably don’t need to go into too much detail here on how to shower and brush (and floss) your teeth! I will say something useful to do is prepare your mind to start reflecting on the day you’ve just had. Start by thinking of things you’re grateful for, what you’re proud of and what you’ve achieved. We’ll elaborate on these things further in the ‘Write Journal’ section in the next article. Enjoy your shower!


Peppermint Tea

There are no shortage of ‘sleep time’ teas in the marketplace; you’ve just got to find one that you love and that relaxes you the moment you catch that first sniff of the herbal concoction. I’m quietly obsessed with Peppermint Tea, so I use that. Again, do your own research and make your choice!


Glass of Water

We’re having a fair bit of liquid tonight, but it’s good for ya, promise! Water is one thing can literally change my day. On the days I don’t have my bottle on me and intentionally drink constantly throughout the day, I notice the effects big time! Have a glass before bed, and then keep one beside your bed through the night if the ‘midnight thirsties’ becomes a reality for you.


Relaxing Music

It’s no secret that music can change moods and atmospheres ridiculously quickly. I have a great album of Relaxing Spa Music that I put on before I go to bed to relax the mind and body. Find an album you like, or create a playlist of your favs! After a while listening to the same music and the same time, your mind and body will be triggered and know it’s time for bed as soon as that first note is played. It’s actually crazy how powerful music is to this night-time routine.

Peter Bone

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