You open your eyes for the first time today… so much potential, so much you want to get accomplished in the next 12 hrs! Your mind is prepping itself for world domination… and then your wonderful body steps in, subconsciously raises your right arm, and slams down somewhere close enough to your snooze button for it to register. “Just another 5 minutes won’t hurt”… your mind justifies itself for that extra ‘much-needed’ rest and your eyes close for just a moment before you re-start the process again and again until it’s too late.


Now you’ve actually looked at the time…congratulations you’ve now got exactly 2.6minutes to have a shower, brush your teeth and have breakfast.


That early morning walk can wait until tomorrow and, wow ok! Now you’ve really gotta get out the door…you’ve gotta run after your bus, pray you get every green light and that somehow the speed limit on the highway has miraculously doubled overnight.

So much for your ideal morning routine. This may seem over-exaggerated, but my dearest friends, it is definitely not. It just happens to be a very close to scale representation of my mornings for a good chunk of my life. All my night owls and morning procrastinators out there will agree with me here. We have all the best intentions in the world for our mornings and making them, well, just click.

We’ve all dreamed of that perfect morning you see on TV; the sun streaming in as you open those perfectly awakened eyes of yours as rays of warm illumination caress your crisp, white bed sheets (ok, it seems weird having caress and bed in the same sentence now I read it again…should I take it out? Nah, let’s keep it in. Better take out this convo with myself though…nah, let’s keep that in too!)


All the best intentions for the morning, and yet nothing sticks. It’s frustrating and influences the first part of, if not your entire day. 


So how do we ensure the ever so tempting snooze button doesn’t mess up our entire day?


Three words that unlock the secret to a positive morning routine…The Night Before. 


What you do and how you position your mindset the night before has a massive impact on your morning. I’m going to share some tips with you that have helped me (I am by no means perfect; I can be a slave to the snooze just like you!)

The first night of this system, I want you to block out a solid 30mins to begin creating this routine.

Just cos I’m a nice guy, I have made up a quick checklist of Five Keys for myself to set my nights up. Initially, it can seem a bit of a push to squeeze it all in, especially in just 30mins, but as you constantly do it, you become a bit of a night-time ninja, and begin creating a system of efficiency that works for you.

There’s wayyy too much power in the Five Keys to add to the end of this post,  so I’ve written a separate, straight to the point kinda post and creatively called it ‘NIGHT ROUTINE – Part TWO’ (I know, I know…)

Go check it out now and we’ll chat again as soon as the Part TWO page loads!

Pete @peterjbone

Peter Bone

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