The Story Behind Achieve the Impossible

In late November 2013, in our family home on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, I was told the news no son ever wants to hear. I was asked to take a seat in the living room with my parents, as Mum bravely told me that Dad had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


“Pete, Dad has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and been given 4–6 months to live.”


I had grown up with illustrious dreams and visions of how I would honour my parents by buying them a house; they had both worked so hard their entire lives, and deserved nothing less than to be rewarded for their incredibly generous and self-less lives.


This news of Dad’s cancer burst my future plans and dreams, leaving them in a shattered mess right before me.


I honestly thought I had years and years ahead of me that I could find a way to provide for the most incredible parents in the world, and to give back after all they had given me and my two older brothers. I was wrong.


Moments like this have their way of piercing through all of the day-to-day worries and issues that life brings and really bringing immense clarity and purpose as to what really matters in this world.


It was in quiet reflection time that I began to question what I had been doing with the life I had been given, and what I was doing to be the very best version of myself that I could be. I was living a very comfortable lifestyle, with great people around me, a nice house and a beautiful car — my pride and joy (something Dad was especially proud of). This forced me to answer a question that was always in the back of my mind, but never really made it consistently past my thoughts into action territory, where I’d actually do something about it.


Was I really living life to it’s fullest potential? Am I using the gifts and talents I have been blessed with to the very best of my ability, to create the most amazing life for myself, the people closest to me and society?


I had a serious little chat to myself and decided to go out and take hold of my future, taking action to achieve the goals and dreams I had set for myself and been planning and thinking about for years. It’s not until you realise that action is required to turn your dreams into reality that you start to take those responsibilities seriously.


I had the responsibility to bring my dreams from the intangible, unseen realms of my heart, mind and soul, out into the world around me. And the only that could be done was through action.


One of my dreams has always been to inspire people to achieve their greatest potential. The issue I kept telling myself was that I didn’t know exactly how I was going to do that. I would work alongside those closest to me and have inspirational catch-ups over coffee, dreaming, planning and setting goals. I told myself this was all I needed to do to keep my passion for inspiring others alive, and continued this mediocre way of living until news of Dad’s illness forced me to take action — not just any action — BIG action!


On the 13th December 2013, I set up an Instagram page called @achievetheimpossible.


I had no idea what I was doing, what I intended doing, or even what I was meant to be doing. But I was doing. And that was the key, DOING…

I had taken the first steps of action in expanding my dream of inspiring others. I began posting quotes that inspired me, hoping they would resound and inspire others as they have inspired me — it seemed like a good fit. I loved being inspired, and now I can share that passion with others.

The success from that one decision to just start has far exceeded anything I could of ever imagined… I naturally try to think big, but the way the account has been received by incredible, like-minded followers has been truly outstanding, and inspires me everyday to grow it to a wider audience — with the purpose to inspire! It is already reaching multiple hundred’s of thousands of people. That is something my mind cannot fathom — but is so grateful for.

Four years later, as I sit writing this story for my website, looking back on what has gone, I realise I am doing the exact same thing I did as I was setting up @achievetheimpossible — I am taking a leap of faith, not knowing exactly what I am doing, but knowing for certain that I am meant to be doing it.


And here you are today, seeing the legacy of John Bone, my Dad who always challenged me to pursue my passions and strive for greatness!


I hope and trust we can journey together and achieve the impossible!


Pete @peterjbone

Peter Bone

2 thoughts on “The Story Behind Achieve the Impossible

  1. Very inspiring and from the heart. What you have is truly a gift, I can feel my thoughts inside stirring to also be inspiring and encouraging. You inspire this in your readers Peter 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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