I know personally, over the past few weeks especially, I have found myself setting goals, coming up with a plan of action, then re-setting those same goals within a few days. When my results didn’t go according to my ‘plan’, I would go back and set more goals. When I didn’t know what I was doing, I would set more illustrious goals. This felt great, as I was enabling creativity to flow and my mind to dream bigger and better things for my own life, including the next steps for my Instagram account, @achievetheimpossible, and ways to inspire more people to achieve their impossible.

It seemed that every time I couldn’t find the time, energy, or just really couldn’t be bothered in doing what I planned to do, I would set more goals. After a while, I looked back and realised that I hadn’t really accomplished all that much at all – I had set a hell of a lot of goals, but not had the consistent action they required to be achieved.

Right…let’s explain this with two of my favourite things, Goal-Setting (I know, it actually is – weird, right?!) and food.

Whenever i sat down and focused on my future goals, it was like consuming food, which gave me the energy/fuel I needed to create my plan and work it… Food is incredible – it’s how we get energy to live our day to day lives and keeps us on this planet as a functioning human being (alongside a couple other necessities obviously). This food was amazing, but I felt the more I set goals, the fuller I was becoming. And who knows, the more you eat, it’s not too much longer when you find yourself searching for more food/more energy.

This was like me, going back to setting and re-setting my goals. It felt good, and filled me up for the time being. I was consuming and consuming my dreams and fantasising about them becoming a reality. The issue arose when I wouldn’t take action and ‘exercise’ what I was consuming to fuel my actions. I was consuming the energy, but not using that energy for action.

I was becoming obese on goal setting.

And when you’ve been in the habit of consuming (setting goals) for so long, it becomes really daunting to actually take that leap into action. It is so comfortable setting goals and not doing anything about them. Goal setting demands no sacrifice or long term commitment from us. Am I saying goal setting is bad? That would be like saying food is bad – absolutely not! I am saying that when we get into the habit of becoming so focussed on consuming without expending that energy on action, we can fall into very bad habits.

Our goals are there to fuel us and propel us into all our future holds. Use goal setting as the food that drives you to achieve those day-in day-out consistent points of action that get us closer to our dream. Set those goals, then use that energy to accomplish them! 

Achieve the impossible!


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